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"However beautiful the strategy, you should occasionally look at the results." - Winston Churchill

About us


Who are we? We are an independent Romanian company that started its activity in the consulting field eight years ago. During this time, we focused on strengthening our position on the local market by acquiring experience through successfully developing and implementing various projects at local, regional and national levels, and working with a significant number of clients. In case one needs assistance for conceiving a strategy, a development plan or simply for starting a business (from the innovative field to engineering etc.), GEA S&C can help you by offering specialized services in all the areas. We must say that we are not only writing sustainable development strategies for our clients, but we also believe in and promote sustainability; therefore, we are involved in not-for-profit projects and CSR activities, such as the Global Week of Entrepreneurship. Vision | Values | Certifications | Our team


unnamed (1) If we were to find a word that best describes us, we would choose challenge. Challenges, tough projects, difficult approaches, complex programs – these are part of a typical day at work. Since dedication for success and challenge go hand in hand at GEA S&C, we specialized in some key areas in order to help our clients. They come both from the private and public sectors (central and local authorities), therefore they have different problems to solve and projects to implement. Consequently, we became experts in developing strategies, accessing European funds, elaborating studies, innovation-related projects, or in certain specialized trainings. Central or local authorities | Companies

Our team

Professions (c) European Commission

We like independent, confident and positive people, who prove dedication and active involvement. Our core team counts 20 people today. To this main team of professionals we can add a bigger team and network of collaborators – specialists who support our activity on their area of expertise, related to the nature of the project. You can learn more about our projects and our team in the dedicated sections of the website!

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