EU shake hands (c) European CommissionHonesty and integrity

We believe, among other values, in intellectual honesty and ethical behavior. We are asked to work on numerous projects, but we carefully choose only those projects who positively impact the Romanian economy. We prefer to establish medium and long term partnerships, because we see our clients as our partners for building a better future.

Excellence and professionalism

At GEA S&C we define excellence as our experts’ professionalism in fulfilling tasks and their way of doing business. GEA S&C can be easily compared to European top consulting companies in terms of quality standards and practices, rather than being associated to the local environment. We promote a positive and proactive attitude and we believe we can make a difference in the Romanian society.

Trust in our future

As they already proved in academic research, our experts are committed to be involved in building a modern Romania. We are a young team, ready to offer our enthusiasm, energy and excellent academic background to strong projects in order to build a better future.

Vision and proactivity

Romania’s development after 1989 faced a serious transition period, with all the problems attached to it, such as compromise or poor management. The public institutions and the private sector had to deal continuously with endless pressing issues, thus being forced to adopt a reactive attitude towards progress and change. Romania’s integration in the EU must put an end to such a crisis approach. GEA Strategy & Consulting promotes initiative, encourages the thinking ahead, develops and provides strategic management solutions.

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