(c) European CommissionWho are we?   GEA Strategy & Consulting is a private company with Romanian capital, founded in 2006 in an effort to provide support and expertise to public institutions and companies in Romania, in the attempt to build-up an economy and a society capable of meeting the European Standards. GEA S&C offers strategic and development consulting services for the central and local public administration, as well as for the local business environment. Honesty and integrity, excellence and professionalism, the confidence in Romania’s future and, not lust, the vision and pro-activity, form our set of values ​​that underlies and governs our actions.  Why? On the 1st of January 2007, Romania became an E.U member. Although a highly important historical moment, membership is just the beginning of a long integration process to which we could not remain indifferent and prove no emotional involvement in the economic life of the country. GEA Strategy & Consulting believes that either the companies, or the public entities need a vision, a strategy and good projects to enable a more efficient allocation of resources and better use of existing opportunities sprang-off in the European area. For whom? GEA Strategy & Consulting was founded to assist companies and the Romanian government in the attempt to build a powerful economy and society within Europe. Romanian companies need to think and act at the European level. The local business environment is still at an early stage of development and, without a clear vision and confidence in the future, one cannot achieve success. The consultancy products offered by GEA Strategy& Consulting aim at SME’s and large companies that can have a determinant role in increasing  Romanian economic competitiveness. GEA Strategy & Consulting focuses on increasing the added value through ITC, technology, investment in RDI and external opening. GEA Strategy & Consulting supports, as well, central public authorities in local/regional  economic regeneration developing and implementing coherent development strategy, in partnership with the business environment. GEA Strategy & Consulting supports the central public authorities in thinking and fundamenting their strategies, programs, public policies designed to build a prosperous Romania. How? GEA Strategy & Consulting has based its consulting activities on a set of values which we promote in our daily business. These values are the cornerstone of our beliefs and professional ethics.

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