GEA Strategy & Consulting has acquired significant experience while working on national and international projects and we have used it in order to satisfy our clients. How can we do this? We offer a wide range of strategic consulting services to clients both from the public (central and local authorities) and the private sector (the local business environment). By understanding the opportunities and threats of the current economic climate, we focus on increasing the economic competitiveness. We provide support and expertise to Romanian companies and public administration institutions, in the attempt to help building an economy and society capable of meeting European standards.

GEA Strategy & Consulting also provide support to local public authorities in order to attempt to refresh the local/regional economy. We do so by helping them elaborate and implement coherent development strategies, while partnering with the entrepreneurial environment. We are interested in contributing to all fields linked to economic competitiveness and consequently we believe that it cannot be achieved without support from accurate and appropriate public policies at central level. To this end, we provide capacity-building services and technical assistance in creating strategies, programmes, and public policies meant to build a prosperous outlook for Romania.

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