Strategy and development

GEA S&C contributed to the elaboration of sustainable development strategies for an important number of towns, counties and regions in Romania, thus providing support for long term, sustainable economic growth. Since a sound and sustainable development can only be achieved through cooperation, we act as facilitators between administrations and the local business environment.

GEA S&C has been leader of the consortium which implemented numerous development projects, both at regional and national level. Among our projects, we can mention:

  • Elaboration of the National Competitiveness Strategy, beneficiary: the Ministry of Economy (2013 – 2014)
  • Elaboration of the National RDI Strategy for 2014 – 2020. GEA Strategy&Consulting is in charge of elaborating the investment model adjacent to strategy, working in partnership with a broad range of international experts, consulting companies and RDI organizations. The consortium coordinator is UEFISCDI
  • Social and Economic Development Strategy for Iasi County for 2009 – 2014, beneficiary: the Iasi County Council
  • Development Strategy for Ilfov County – Horizon 2020, beneficiary: Ilfov County Council
  • Update for the Development Strategy for Fagaras Municipality, beneficiary: Fagaras city municipality
  • Research studies and updates of the Social and Economic Development Strategy for Gorj County, 2007 – 2013, beneficiary: Gorj County Council
  • Sustainable Development Strategy for Dambovita County, beneficiary: Dambovita County Council
  • Local Development Strategies for five communes in Dambovita county, part of the project Elaboration of the Sustainable Development Strategy for Dambovita County
  • Sustainable Development Strategy for Slatina Municipality for 2008 – 2015. The beneficiary was Slatina Local Council and the project consisted in elaborating the socio-economic analysis and creating the development strategy, together with an action plan for implementation.
  • Study for the evaluation of the development potential of the localities in Tulcea County. The project had the Tulcea County Council as beneficiary, was implemented in 2008 and included the socio-economic analysis of 41 localities, as well as capacity building services for the County Council.
  • Development Strategy for Cetateni Commune for 2007 – 2013, beneficiary: Cetateni Commune, Arges County
  • Sustainable Development Strategy for Giurgiu County for 2008 – 2013. The project had the Giurgiu County Council as beneficiary and it was implemented in 2008. Apart from the socio-economic analysis and the development of the Strategy, the project included an infrastructure and connectivity analysis, as well as an evaluation of the local growth poles.
  • Sustainable Development Strategy for Teleorman County for 2008 – 2013, beneficiary: Teleorman County Council
  • Sustainable Development Strategy for Bacau County for 2009 – 2021, beneficiary: Bacau County Council
  • Integrated Urban Development Plan for Slatina Municipality, beneficiary: Slatina Local Council. The project included the elaboration of feasibility studies, cost-benefit analyses for 13 individual projects and the integrated development plan itself.
  • Integrated Urban Development Plan for Bucurestii Noi, Pajura, Chitila and Damaroaia districts from Bucharest, beneficiary: Sector 1 Local Council, Bucharest.
  • Study regarding the identification of the main development priorities for the long term economic competitiveness of Craiova Municipality, beneficiary: Craiova Local Council.
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